Monday, July 2, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007


TELEVISION: curb your enthusiasm, sienfeld, sex and
the city
, southpark, space ghost coast 2 coast,
funniest home videos, conan, daily show. i also love
bad infomercials and court tv.

MOVIES: the jerk, office space, best in show, a mighty
, terminator 2

a christmas story, you me and
everyone we know
, follow that bird, the shining, the
truman show
, life is beautiful, the royal tennebaums,
the birds, as good as it gets, the disney animated
version of robin hood, moonwalker, captain EO, the
wiz, gone with the wind, moulin rouge, rosemary's baby

MUSIC: velvet underground, beta band, rjd2, m.i.a.,
flaming lips, digitalism, beck, the strokes,
everything but the girl, bjork, queen, smashing
pumpkins, feist, sonic youth, phil collins,

mos def,
dolly parton, the police, madonna, outkast, death cab,
alison krauss, the white stripes, journey, radiohead,
prince, tom petty, deerhoof, the beatles, nickel
creek, anthony hamilton, kansas, tori amos, michael
jackson, tupac, regina spektor, the ramones, aphex
twin, air, heart, atmosphere, thievery corporation