Sunday, October 21, 2007


Stuff I watch online:

Flight of the Chonchords- The musical comedy series from HBO.

Metalocalypse- The hilarious adventures of a Scandinavian death metal band. With this one the network actually premieres every episode online before it goes to TV, so you don't have to watch it illegally.

Trailer Park Boys- Canadian mockumentary series. Ricky and Julian are two dope peddlers living in a trailer park, getting in and out of jail.

What I'm listening to:

Joanna Newsom



Recently I have been watching Flight of the Conchords

and Metalocalypse I also watch the Office as well.

I have been listening to bands like Red Sparowes, God is an Astronaut, Battles, and Oxes, and many others as well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Things I like to watch:
Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Movie trailers
Music Videos!
Things I like to listen to:
Angels and Airwaves

Relient K
Lots and lots of rock

Movie Scores especially John Williams and Hans Zimmer

Monday, October 8, 2007


So, as a musician and a film studies major my eyes and ears "should" be pretty full of a variety of things, but my mind has been focusing on local happenings lately. In the two months leading up to our CD release, which was Sept. 21st, practically the only thing that reached my ears were rough mixes of my band's album. You can hear some songs from it here or read a review.

But moving right along, I've started working on a new project recording local musician Marie Corbo. That CD should be out in about two months or so. So aside from these projects, I've been making it out for live shows whenever Times New Viking or Psychedelic Horseshit plays. Also, the Sword Heaven record release show last month was exciting. The only recording I've been listening to regularly enough to mention is Neil Young's After the Gold Rush,

which is an old favorite. I've been giving my eyes a rest.


I have been working on putting cd's into my ipod so I have been listening to alot of my older cd's. Chris Whitley-"living with the law"

Luka Bloom-"riverside" and a bunch of my 80's music.

I don't have a lot of time to watch television but if I do it is completely mindless. Usually old sitcoms, "", "Leave it to Beaver", "Martin". I just watched the movie "knocked up" this weekend and "just one of the guys".

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007


TELEVISION: curb your enthusiasm, sienfeld, sex and
the city
, southpark, space ghost coast 2 coast,
funniest home videos, conan, daily show. i also love
bad infomercials and court tv.

MOVIES: the jerk, office space, best in show, a mighty
, terminator 2

a christmas story, you me and
everyone we know
, follow that bird, the shining, the
truman show
, life is beautiful, the royal tennebaums,
the birds, as good as it gets, the disney animated
version of robin hood, moonwalker, captain EO, the
wiz, gone with the wind, moulin rouge, rosemary's baby

MUSIC: velvet underground, beta band, rjd2, m.i.a.,
flaming lips, digitalism, beck, the strokes,
everything but the girl, bjork, queen, smashing
pumpkins, feist, sonic youth, phil collins,

mos def,
dolly parton, the police, madonna, outkast, death cab,
alison krauss, the white stripes, journey, radiohead,
prince, tom petty, deerhoof, the beatles, nickel
creek, anthony hamilton, kansas, tori amos, michael
jackson, tupac, regina spektor, the ramones, aphex
twin, air, heart, atmosphere, thievery corporation

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Often listening to things bands give me or I trade Sword Heaven merch
for, most of which falls in the noise/ experimental world, and is
pretty far gone stuff or things my wife puts on the turntable which
could be anything from Lite Rock to Prog to Dance to Classic Rock, all
of which I recognize but often don't know who it is. I like the stuff
with "dark sax" sounds the most.

I've recently bought:

Mouthus: The Long Salt (Important Records) and Air Conditioning: Dead
Rails (Load Records):

Kind of similar brown out sludge sounds from two heavy bands.
Riffless, no chord rock, and feedback. Pretty monolithic stuff,

I've bought a bunch of other stuff too, I impulse buy quite a bit. A
bunch of 7"s like the most recent batch from Columbus Discount
of local bands (El Jesus, Necropolis, Night of Pleasure,
plus I got a Psychedelic Horseshit record and a cassette tape sampler
thrown in for free). I find myself listening to my own sounds a lot
recently as I've been putting out stuff on my own label, Little
Miracles more often recently. I just did a Sword Heaven cassette co
release with a Belgian label called Sick Bliss that is a split with
some other Ohio noise guys named Jason Zeh and David Reed. Jen (my
wife) and I have two bands Face Place and Face Plant, and I'm also in
another band called Bath House. Not to mention, my main band, Sword
Heaven just put out a record on Load Records out of Providence. Also,
been listening a lot to things my High School buddies have done over
the years and just assembled a 100 song boxset of that stuff, so I
find myself listening to things I've been part of a lot since it
usually falls on me to record it, mix it, sequence, edit, duplicate,
distribute, etc

Movies: Things have been so busy recently (got married, toured with
Skinny Puppy, Sword Heaven album just got released, working on art,
just plain working full time) I haven't been watching movies a lot.

Realized recently though that if I had to make a list, the three films
that have really stood out for me have all been long, violent, macho
70's films made by filmmakers in countries that they aren't native to
in pretty rough terrain.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God (Werner Herzog, stars Klaus Kinski)

Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (Sam Peckinpah, stars Warren Oates)

Zabriskie Point (Micheal (Michel?) Antonioni stars Death Valley, the
National Park)

So you have a German filmmaker in a South America Jungle, an American
filmmaker in Mexico's towns and cities, and an Italian filmmaker in an
American desert.

Been watching youtube stuff sometimes. Awesome weird stuff like people
who play that game World of Warcraft and make videos of them and their
friends attacking bosses in the game, people demonstrating that they
can play Slayer's Angel of Death at home on their guitars (but you can
never see their faces just their guitar and hands), like cool Indian
dudes playing amazing music, old Darkthrone footage, my friends, etc

Also, trying to find stuff that I read about. As far as art, always
thinking about perfromance/ event/ situation art and its
documentation. I think The Box here at the Wexner center should be
celebrated as a local treasure. They've had so many cool videos over
the last year. I also like doing google image searches for old
engravings of executions and demons and stuff. Or weird rock

Been pretty into Carillons which are these huge Bell Towers (the
closest good one to Columbus is in Dayton and is more then a hundred
feet tall) that have a ton of bells and are played by a little person
inside. Been wanting to make and view some videos of recitals, and
haven't really found any.

Inspired a ton by this website:

and have a subscription to this magazine:

I also like this music mag a ton:

Sunday, June 24, 2007


So in front of my eyes I like pretty things and conceptual
especially conceptual things that are pretty. For example, Dali,
Magritte, Man Ray, Kahlo... Oh I suppose those are surreal too.
Lately I been checking out the Becher's b&w photo series, Andreas
Gursky, and lots of shiz on DeviantArt.

I like to put all sorts of things in my ears- headphones, pencils- you
know... Musicwise, I have been listening to Mark Ronson,

peaches, and
Kings of Leon lately.


SInce last fall I have watched north by northwest 15 times--

Maya Deren films on youtube

i need to order the movies but I am poor

70's sci fi, such as 'Demon Seed' which is hillariously profound
please check it out if you can— it is hard to find.

the movie 'freaks' from like 1940 or something—banned and amazing

metropolis the animation
the BW movie is also ok

commercial movies I adore:
Pans Labyrinth
Donnie Darko
Y tu mama tambien
Amorres Perros

I am listening too-the most
DJ Food
Cinematic Orchestra
Gillian Welch
Johnny Cash -the San Quentin album
and I'll admit it- Justin Timberlake

Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm still into comic books, video games, anime, and all that, but I forgot to mention that the whole point for me making art is to try and bring an abstract approach to type of media I love to watch, interact, and learn from. (though I guess you can say that is a method of changing aesthetics) Here is what I'm currently into:

1. KMD
2. Madlib/Quasimoto/The Beat Konductor

3. "Shades of Blue" Album from Madlib
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow
5. MF Doom
6. Nujabes

1. ....uuuhhh can't think of anything at the moment

Video Games:
1. Nintendo Wii
2. Shadows of Colossus (PS2)
3. Okami (PS2)
4. Katamari Damacy/ We Love Katamari (PS2)


Looking at:
- Documentaries: "First Person", "Up Series" (mostly interviews).
- Also looking at: Cartography, Topography, Historic and contemporary
landscapes, Land Development images, Census data (poorest/richest places),
Building Materials.

Listening to:
- Basically, white trash stuff: Shit-pop-indie-rock. Plus, I still cannot
escape Classic Rock, New Wave, or Gangsta Rap, and Folk before the blues. I
am also an avid supporter of the local art scene, which includes the music
scene as well.


There is this new band I like to listen to, but I cant remember their
name; they played at the Wexner recently.
I like a lot of female artists, although I am not limited to those,
Portishead is my favorite, cat power, jucifer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
peaches, and many others.
A couple of the artists I like are Jenny Seville, Hans Bellmer, Maya Lin
(her new work is amazing); when Dan asked me in class I had a big
brain f*#! and couldn't think. I am currently reading 1984, I have
always heard it is an amazing book and wanted to find out why. I love
science fiction, fantasy, and surealist artists. I don't know a lot of
video artists but I do like a couple of films by Vincent Gallo. Those are
Buffalo 66 and Brown Bunny. The soundtrack to Brown Bunny is
awesome. Number 3 is one of my favourite songs (I don't know the
name of it or the people playing, but its good). Vincent Gallo is also a
very good musician. His music is hard to find though, its out of print.


I've been listening to tons of hip hop and country lately...two
extremes. I think my jazz prof. would kill me if he ever read this.
Nothing lists changes everyday.

I just watched Deja Vu, Van Wilder 2, Donnie Brasko, Pollack, and a
few episodes on DVD of House this past week. I love old Frank Sinatra